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UzBuild, Aqua-Therm Tashkent and MebelExpo Uzbekistan opens ITE Uzbekistan’s new season DATE : 2012-03-17 CATEGORY : FAIRS

UzBuild 2012, Uzbekistan’s main construction and interiors exhibition, opened ITE’s spring exhibition season in the country.
The Construction theme allows the organisers to look for new ways to create projects that will meet the needs of the industry. Several specialised events have grown out of UzBuild, such as the MebelExpo Uzbekistan exhibition, which was based on UzBuild when it was founded nine year ago and which is now the only international exhibition for the furniture and woodworking industries in Uzbekistan.
UzBuild is this year giving rise to yet another new project: Aqua-Therm Tashkent, which promises to be the starting point for engineering developments in such important sectors in Uzbekistan as heating, ventilation, air conditioning and water supply.
The exhibitions are being organised by ITE Uzbekistan and its network of partners, namely ITE Exhibitions and Conferences Ltd in the UK, GiMA in Germany, ITE EUF in Turkey, ITE Gulf in the UAE and ITE China.
Combined, the exhibitions brought together over 150 companies from 21 countries. The countries represented are Austria, Armenia, Belarus, Germany, Denmark, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, South Korea, Moldova, the UAE, Poland, Slovenia, the USA, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, France and Sweden.
Among the international construction companies participating at UzBuild 2012 are Klingspor from Poland, Solid from Russia, Mammut from the UAE, Radar from Russia, Bysewa Kolor from Poland, Onduline Avrasya from Turkey, Okno v Parizh from Russia, Stalinvest from Moldova, Northglass from China, Oudeling from China, Samen Ferforge from Iran and Ustun Boya from Turkey.
German companies exhibit from their own national stand, which for the second year running broughts together well-known German firms with products of impeccable quality. The group includes some of the best-known companies in Europe, such as Bauer Maschinen GmbH, Buderus, Cap Forms, Paschal, Leuco, RTG Rammtechnik GmbH, Bosch, Jowat AG, TEKA Maschinenbau GmbH, Inge/BASF and 3T Consult.
The Trade and Investment Promotion Department of the Embassy of Poland, a regular exhibitor at the event, is supporting its country’s producers with a stand accommodating Polish companies planning to find out about the needs and capacity of Uzbekistan’s construction industry.
UzBuild is also an exhibition for domestic companies, whose presence at the event is growing year on year, indicating the improvement in quantity and most importantly quality of their products, which are successfully competing with their foreign counterparts. Last year, the companies of the UzBuildMaterials association exported $65.6m worth of products, and in 2011 in total Uzbekistan produced 6.7m tonnes of cement, 124m sheets of slate, 346m pieces of building glass and 72m units of wall material. $58.67m was spent in 2011 on modernising building materials companies, and over $25m was attracted from abroad in the form of investment and credit. Knauf has also begun production of plasterboard at the Knauf Gips Bukhara industrial park.
Knauf’s products, dry mixes and plasterboard, will be presented in the Building Materials sector of UzBuild 2012. Uzbek producers taking part in the exhibition include Binokor Temir-Beton Servis, DEKS, Door Komplekt, Trotuar UZ, NTC-Khamkor, the Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex and many others.
The active growth of housebuilding in Uzbekistan will give an impetus to a host of related industries, including the furniture industry. Every year, MebelExpo Uzbekistan welcomes the entire business community of Uzbekistan’s furniture industry. It is a unique platform for the country’s furniture industry, presenting solutions for the production of high-quality furniture, which fully reflects the industry’s attraction in investment terms. Industry leaders will display their production to domestic and international companies at MebelExpo 2012, which more than 50 companies from countries such as Austria, Germany, Italy, China, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Russia, Slovenia, the USA, Ukraine and France will participate in.
The event aims to display the latest developments from the furniture industry and instigate progressive methods of reequipping and modernising furniture companies by introducing innovative technology, equipment and materials. MebelExpo 2012 will consist of three sectors: Furniture, Furniture Production Technology, and Interior Design.
Year on year, the Furniture Production Technology sector attracts the most interest from professionals, thanks to its extensive display of equipment and tools from leading producers of woodworking equipment and furniture production lines. This year, industry professionals once again are able to meet with regular exhibition participants, such as the German machine tool companies and tool manufacturers Homag GUS GmbH, Altendorf, Brandt, Leitz and Weeke, who are all represented in Uzbekistan by Eman, and the Spanish woodworking equipment market leader SCM Group, via their Slovenian representatives Arhar Engineering. The domestic furniture industry will also be introduced to Forezienne MFSL and Wuxi Sunrise, both newcomers to this year’s exhibition.
Components for furniture production are widely presented at the exhibition by regular exhibitors such as Julius Blum GmbH from Austria (represented by local dealers), Samsung Staron from Russia and South Korea, and the domestic company Progress Impress. 3P Plast and Sirce from Italy, Koppensteiner Furnier from Germany, Hebei Zhenyang Chemical from China and the Uzbek companies Woodartsinvest and Glass Expo are among those companies making their first appearance at the event.
The home and office furniture sector of the exhibition features the domestic companies SP Mebel, Tus Buero, Tashelektroapparat and Nabruz/Nazarov, alongside the well-known Ukrainian company Gerbor Holdings. Vitraj Delux, Avto Oynalar Dunyosi, Reklama Master and other companies display their new design and interiors solutions.
As in previous years, the event outlines a strategy for promoting the latest technical developments in the Uzbekistan market, in which professionals can assess and receive practical suggestions and view the industry’s development prospects.
Offering solutions for the areas of air conditioning, heating, and water supply in the construction and maintenance of buildings is the primary goal of Aqua-Therm Tashkent, being held for the first time. Its staging is of particular relevance for Uzbekistan, where the climatic conditions demands practical engineering solutions in the areas of heating, air conditioning and water supply. Aqua-Therm Tashkent offers the opportunity not only to see the full range of products currently offered by the industry, but also to gain invaluable experience in dealing with industry professionals.
The majority of participants of Aqua-Therm Tashkent came to the event through their participation in UzBuild, such as Danfoss and Devi from Denmark, Grundfos Pumpen Vertrieb from Austria, and the German companies Viessman, Wilo and Buderus/Robert Bosch. Dealers representing international companies are also taking part at the event: O’zpromholodmontaj represents CIAT International’s air conditioning systems, and Smart Heating Systems are the Uzbek supplier of high quality boiler equipment from Vaillant, one of the world’s biggest suppliers, who also manufacture under the Saunier Duval and Protherm brands.
Aqua-Therm Tashkent is an introduction to Uzbekistan’s market for the following companies: Immergas from Italy, Jakko İnşaat Malzemeleri San ve Dış Ticaret from Turkey, Auma Actuators from Russia, Mastas from Turkey, Chevron Munaigaz from Kazakhstan, Pedrollo from Italy and Thermorex from Armenia.
Istal, Mirob Dizayn, NBU Investment Group and Profit Plastik System are representing the domestic market for climate control materials at the exhibition.